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Day 5 Miss Right

After several months of talking to his mysterious girl online, he decided to meet her. And the best thing was that she agreed to it.

He had been crushing on this mysterious girl for months. They both forgot how, when and where they ended up talking, they just did.

She was nice, accommodating, decent and every nice words he could come up with. He had lost interest in any other real girl because of this girl. His friends make fun of him a lot for being a good boy nowadays.

He smirked as he silently thought, “Yeah, maybe I’m a good boy now.”


The girl chose the place and he couldn’t believe his eyes when he arrived at the restaurant situated on the 30th floor of a corporate building. The place is too…posh for him.

He’s a scruffy guy in his late 20s clad in his black pants and a Guns N Roses black shirt with a red plaid long sleeves plus a black leather jacket. He had his work backpack on his back, a mobile phone on his right hand, a special gift on his left hand and a piece of rose in his mouth to complete his idiotic look.

One wait staff assisted him upon entrance and asked if he had put any reservation. Before he could even answer, he saw a woman he so earnestly hated seated at the farthest table. He picked up his phone to call his date while he tried very hard to hide his face from his boss.

“Hello? Where are you?”

That’s the first time they called each other so he was surprised to hear the familiar voice. He looked up from the reception’s desk to find that very same woman sitting at the farthest table talking on the phone.

“Hello, are you there?”

Without a glance, he stormed out of the restaurant and ran for his life.


He was in the park bench sitting, his mouth practically hanging open for a few minutes now. He couldn’t believe that the boss they all hated is his ideal girl.

How is she so different? At work, she always thinks she’s right that’s why all the guys at work call her Miss Right. Well aren’t we right about that subject- she turned up to be my Miss Right. Or is she?

 Also, she seemed so stiff at work, so strict and she rarely smiles.  Well, she’s almost the only girl among all the staff in the company so she probably put up a brave front.

He scratched his head again due to annoyance. He’s having a debate with his own thoughts.

He turned off his phone because he knew she would call. He decided that it’s best for her not to know him. After all, she wouldn’t like him anyway because the things that she has  were the same things he does not have in his life- fame, money, power.

When he arrived home, he found a couple of messages on his phone.

I might have scared you, huh? It’s okay, I understand. Everybody else in the office is scared of me. But you shouldn’t let a lady wait for nothing.

Next time you meet someone, please be kind enough to tell the lady if you’re not interested in coming. You see, that lady might have given up a lot of things that day for a few hours of meeting you. *she puts a smiley* Also, I don’t think there is a need for us to talk again since we both knew by now that I am not really that interesting to you.

His heart felt heavy. He was so confused as to who or what kind of girl she is. She was too different online and in real world.

Still, he felt really sorry for not turning up but he knew it was for the best.