Day 4 The Visit

There were many people in the wake. Some of them went to him and gave their condolences. He never answered, nor lift his head. He was just there, staring at the floor.

Her stepmother and his brothers never bothered talking to him. They were all scared of his quiet demeanor the moment he arrived home. He never spoke to any of them.

The place seemed to stifle his thoughts so he went out to find a desolate place.

Leaning against a tree, he puffed smoke into the air and breathe the familiar scent he used to love so much. He heaved a deep sigh, “I can’t believe I quit this thing for months.” He silently laughed at the thought that he actually did it.

His phone rang but he didn’t budge nor even bothered picking it up for he knew who it was.

When his father died a couple of weeks ago, he went back to the country for the funeral. It hurt him so much to realize how much he wasted his time having fun abroad.

What really upsets him though was that just a few days after he died, his stepmother and brothers were all fighting for the inheritance and all his father’s properties.

A loud cracking sound turned him back to reality. He noticed his right hand was bleeding. He hated his family so much that the mere thought about all of them and their disrespect for his father’s death made him punched the tree absentmindedly.

Taking off his plaid polo shirt, he used it to cover the wound sloppily.

His phone rang again. “Hello….”, he paused.



“Are you in the country right now? Would you pay your Mom a visit?”

He laughed at the thought of the word visit.

“That’s more like it, son. I know how awful you must be feeling right now and I am sorry I couldn’t be there with you and your father. You know I loved your father, right?”

“I know, Mom. And I love you, too. I wish I said these words to Dad back when he was with us.”

“It’s okay, sweetie. Your father knows you love him even if you didn’t say it much. So… will you pay your mother a visit?”

“I won’t…because I’m taking you out of that place.”


Even from the faint light of the moon, his stepmother could see Joon from a distance.

Is he smiling? I could never understand this boy. What is wrong with him? Who is he talking to that can make him smile and laugh like that? Even his own father couldn’t make him that happy.

She smirked. Oh well, where else could he have gotten his bizarre attitude but from his crazy, delusional mother.


Done in 20. It’s too hard to come up with a character based on a combination of characteristics from 2 very different people.

Have you written any characters like these? What have you come up with? Feel free to share yours!



Day 3 Lot in Street 49: Open For Business

She arrived at the place exactly 4 in the afternoon. The sun was almost hiding near the horizon, its orange red streaks bursting through the clouds.

She heaved a sigh as she got off the cab.

“This location is too far for a showroom.” Good thing her friends Cathy and May weren’t there or else they would see her furrowed brow.

The building was not entirely new but it looked pretty decent. The facade was made of vintage bricks and there were exactly three floors in it. “Well at least she knows how to pick the right place that’d go well with her business.”

She went up the staircase to the 3rd floor. Passing through the hallway and empty units, she arrived in a huge room filled with mannequins wearing Cathy’s eco-friendly products, clothing and vintage-designed jewelry pieces.

She opened the glass door and scanned the entire area.

“This place is huge!” She was impressed.

How can she possibly afford this place when she has just started.

She went further up to find a door to another room. There she saw Cathy and May having coffee together.

“Cathy! Congratulations!” She exclaimed. They both turned to her direction and stood up to hug her.

” Jenny! I thought you’d never come. So…what do you think?”

“This place is pretty and huge, isn’t this expensive?” she asked.

May shook her head. “I actually was about to ask her that same question. This place is no joke!”

“Whatever, you guys. It’s not as expensive as you think. I met the owner of the place, we talked for a while, I negotiated the rent, he didn’t require any advance payments, just the monthly lease so after I knew it, I was signing the papers and moving my items.”

May looked happy. Jenny had some knowledge on real estate so she remained unconvinced. When the place is expensive, it must be because the location is good for business. If it’s cheap for its property size…

“I’ll get you your coffee, Jenny.”

That cut her off from what she was thinking. She was about to ask Cathy a question but she was already out of the room before Jenny could even speak.

She turned to her other friend May.

“May, have you seen the entire place? Is there a balcony or something?”

May looked at her curiously. “Yeah. Cathy said there’s a balcony down the hall, we are about to have a look later. Why?”

Jenny hurriedly went out of the showroom with May in tow.

“Hey! What’s wrong?” May sounded worried.

“I..I don’t know…there’s just something off. Something were missing…”

They arrived at the balcony overlooking the view at the back of the building. What they saw completely surprised them. It was a huge barren land and a few meters on the left of the barren land, almost covered by the trees, stood a relic of what used to be a huge school.

The setting sun could not be seen from the back. Light was almost gone. They could hear the leaves rustling in the wind. At this time of the day, this place could get eerily quiet.

“Jenny…look at this,” May gave her phone to her.

Jenny looked at May’s phone. The phone screen displayed a news clipping from 10 years ago.

It read, “Hundreds of kids trapped inside a burning dormitory school in Street 49 of Diamond County.”

Slowly, Jenny and May looked at each other. Fear was apparent on both of their faces. May looked like she was about to cry.

“Let’s get out of this place before it gets dark.”



Aah! I hope the next day challenge is much lighter and happier than this.

This was from a dream and remembering it still creeps me out. Took me a long time to finish. :/

All characters are fictional, so as the names of the places. Any similarity with real people or place is unintentional.

Lessons I Learned as a Child

The Story of the Purse

When I was in grade school, I would always go with my mother to the market, to the church and practically wherever she went.

mom-863050_1280One time when we were out to buy groceries, we passed by a bazaar and there I saw the most beautiful and feminine purse. It caught my eye and at that very moment I asked my mom to buy it for me. My mom didn’t buy it for me because she said it’s too small yet too expensive, and that I didn’t need it anyway.

All I could do was pout because my mother would get mad if I insisted. Then she told me that if I really wanted it so badly, I should save money to buy it.

So everyday, I would save the daily allowance I received from my mother for that purse. I would always check the store if they still had it and every time I saw it I would ask how much it was. I went there a couple of times that the owner almost never answered me because she knew I would never buy it anyway.

Until the day came that I ended up with the right amount. I went to the store and buy it! I couldn’t believe my eyes as the owner wrapped that little purse for me! I was so happy, I went home smiling.

The next day, I unwrapped the purse I bought, studied it carefully and went to look for some coins to try it out. I rummaged for my bag but I couldn’t even find a single coin.

So basically, I was left with an empty purse – not to mention that I couldn’t bring it to school because it was too small. The string was also too slim to carry all the weight of the coins (I didn’t have notes!).

After a few days of using it, I lost interest in it that I hid it in my closet.

Maybe children can sometimes easily lose their interest in their toys, or food or clothes. In retrospect, maybe I was just being a child back then.

Funny thing is, even until now I can still remember how that little purse looked like.

After several years, I guess I’m still that little child. I still end up wanting things I think I need or want. Once I got them, I lost interest in them so easily that it made me ask myself in several circumstances, “why did I even buy this?”

The Lessons

I can say that some of the lessons I learned from this as a kid is:
1. First, that if I want something, then I should get it myself and not to rely on anyone to get it for me.
2. I learned how to focus on my goal. When you learn to focus only on your goal, you’ll end up getting it.
3. A mother knows best. Learn to listen.
My mother was right after all. At that time, she knew that I didn’t need it but I could not see the reason behind it yet. She had a full-scale vision of things whereas mine was limited.

Most importantly, I learned that not everything I want can keep me happy. More often than not, fleeting wants masked as needs are just that – fleeting and hence short-lived.

Sometimes, we chase for things we think we need, only to realize later on that it was not what we really needed. We go for things that we want, only to overlook the fact that like my purse, the coins are far more important than the purse itself. What do I do with the purse if all my money is gone?

We must learn to seek and value more important things – those that we really need.

“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

Matthew 6:33


What about you? Have you been wanting something lately?