Chapter 3: How Thirsty Am I?


With a lot of noise in the world, it is too easy to lose sight of God. And I believe this not because many people claim so but largely because I experienced this myself.

I sometimes have a hard time focusing my attention to my alone time with God. Some of the things that clamor my attention include my work, Internet and all other interests. Sometimes, I have all my pen, notebook and Bible ready but I still find myself doing other things outside of the alone time.

Other times, I would find myself talking to God and remembering something and I’d rush to do that errand and leave God.

Communication with God

Since I am mostly alone in my house, I often find myself constantly talking to God about my woes, my pain, my plans, the things I am happy about and my concerns.

Some of my one-liner, constant Whispers to God include:
1. Please God work beside me today.
2. God this is so stressful, make me happy.
3. I don’t get this God, please make me understand.
4. Why am I feeling this way when I should not? Bless my heart oh Lord so I may not feel this way.
5. Guide my family always, bless them and give them good health.

Reflecting on Isaiah 40:28-29
There are some prayers which I do not need answers right away and realize only that they have been answered when His answer has already been given to me. But there are also prayers which until now haven’t been responded yet.

I used to be so anxious before but since I am constantly reminding him to give me a patient heart, I’m able to be at peace while waiting. I would still get jealous with other girls who have received their “answered prayers“, but I trust that He is holding my heart and keeping it. And in His time, He will give it to the man he knows deserves my heart.

In the meantime, I am working to be the better person for that unanswered prayer. In fact, while I am waiting I realized I still have a LOT of things to learn from HIM. I still do not have that sufficient wisdom coming from the Lord. There are a lot of parts about me that need working on. And I am letting God to do His work for my own betterment.

God’s Character
In Isaiah 40: 28-29, we learned about God’s character and His actions towards us. He is giving, He hears everyone and He has understanding that no one on Earth can every understand.

The Lord is the everlasting God. He is the One who created the ends of the Earth. He knew all the things He created and all the man He created. He does not grow tired. He has unfathomable understanding. He is the provider of strength to the weak and weary.

This is just a part of thousands of things about God. But in this passage specifically, I like the fact that the Lord I am serving is the everlasting God. I am just so happy to learn that. Just knowing this humbles me to heavily rely on Him. I am confident that I am really spoken for and there is this Man providing me things.  Apart from my father, I never have a man in my life to rely with. This saddens a lot of single women, and I am no different.

This time, I need to really bear in mind and heart that the Lord is enough for me. That He alone can cure any woman’s lonely heart. Just like the heart of that woman in the well that Jesus met in Samaria.

Also, knowing that the Lord is the everlasting God comforts me and for some reason, I feel great about myself. Not in a boastful and condescending way. I feel great in a way that I know that the Lord is great. And so am I, by faith not by my actions. 🙂

Reading Isaiah 40:30-31, it says that thowe who waits on the Lord will renew their strength, will soar like eagles, will run and not grow weary, will walk and not be faint.

——– ————————————————– PRAYER ———————————————————-
Father, thank you for being my everlasting God. As I walk this journey towards you, I pray that you renew my strength and keep my focus on You. This is a point in my life where I thirst for Your Word. May you grant me wisdom and patience as I wait on You. In Jesus name. Amen.