100 Days of Compassion

"This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24

“This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24

Lately, there has been several posts from friends in Facebook about the 100 Happy Days. The goal of the project is quite simple- learning to appreciate small things that can bring you happiness. And although some people go out of their way to achieve the 100 consecutive days to happiness by purposely going somewhere or buying something that brings them happiness, it is still a “baby step” for anyone to finding that happiness every day. By posting this #100happydays status daily, one will hopefully develop this into a habit and I think that’s a very nice disposition to have. I believe, though, that the main idea of the project is being able to see and be grateful for those little things in our daily lives such as probably a piece of cupcake given to you by someone in your office, the beautiful sunrise that greets you on your way out or a smile from a stranger. If you have to do something just so you can post something on you Facebook wall, you might end up having to do something just so you can attain that happiness instead of simply being happy with the minute details in your everyday life.

But what happens after the 100 days? It might be that the person has now learned the habit of appreciating life itself. I haven’t done this challenge yet (because I am mostly happy the entire day. LOL! ) but I am thinking of a better one.  In a Social Psychology class that I took, we were challenged to be compassionate for 1 day and then was asked to observe the changes within ourselves. And I was surprised by the result of the challenge. Some people in the class have done tremendous change in their community by trying to be compassionate in 1 day. Which got me thinking, how much more if it’s for 100 days?

Although it is hard, I did see the change in me and to those people I’ve interacted. I’ve been aware of how I should react to the people around me. And as what I have written in my paper:

Being compassionate releases happiness. When you start being compassionate, other people and the environment seems to mirror that action. Although it takes an effort to take self-initiated actions such as respecting other people’s search for happiness, being nice towards people even those unpleasant ones, being understanding of other’s situation, appreciating and valuing every living things around us, it is still worth it. By just doing that and informing friends and family about the value of compassion inspired them to take self-initiated acts as well, and not just waiting for a circumstance so you can manifest compassion. When you wait for that moment before you react compassionately, isn’t that just being mere pleasant?

So why don’t we take the challenge up a notch and try 100 Compassionate Days instead? It doesn’t have to grand like throwing a charity event. You can start by simply being nice towards others even those who come off as slightly annoying. It would be hard, surely. But it’s worth a shot. It will not only bring you happiness but will most definitely have an impact towards others.

Are you up for this challenge?

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