Day 4 The Visit

There were many people in the wake. Some of them went to him and gave their condolences. He never answered, nor lift his head. He was just there, staring at the floor.

Her stepmother and his brothers never bothered talking to him. They were all scared of his quiet demeanor the moment he arrived home. He never spoke to any of them.

The place seemed to stifle his thoughts so he went out to find a desolate place.

Leaning against a tree, he puffed smoke into the air and breathe the familiar scent he used to love so much. He heaved a deep sigh, “I can’t believe I quit this thing for months.” He silently laughed at the thought that he actually did it.

His phone rang but he didn’t budge nor even bothered picking it up for he knew who it was.

When his father died a couple of weeks ago, he went back to the country for the funeral. It hurt him so much to realize how much he wasted his time having fun abroad.

What really upsets him though was that just a few days after he died, his stepmother and brothers were all fighting for the inheritance and all his father’s properties.

A loud cracking sound turned him back to reality. He noticed his right hand was bleeding. He hated his family so much that the mere thought about all of them and their disrespect for his father’s death made him punched the tree absentmindedly.

Taking off his plaid polo shirt, he used it to cover the wound sloppily.

His phone rang again. “Hello….”, he paused.



“Are you in the country right now? Would you pay your Mom a visit?”

He laughed at the thought of the word visit.

“That’s more like it, son. I know how awful you must be feeling right now and I am sorry I couldn’t be there with you and your father. You know I loved your father, right?”

“I know, Mom. And I love you, too. I wish I said these words to Dad back when he was with us.”

“It’s okay, sweetie. Your father knows you love him even if you didn’t say it much. So… will you pay your mother a visit?”

“I won’t…because I’m taking you out of that place.”


Even from the faint light of the moon, his stepmother could see Joon from a distance.

Is he smiling? I could never understand this boy. What is wrong with him? Who is he talking to that can make him smile and laugh like that? Even his own father couldn’t make him that happy.

She smirked. Oh well, where else could he have gotten his bizarre attitude but from his crazy, delusional mother.


Done in 20. It’s too hard to come up with a character based on a combination of characteristics from 2 very different people.

Have you written any characters like these? What have you come up with? Feel free to share yours!



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