Day 3 Lot in Street 49: Open For Business

She arrived at the place exactly 4 in the afternoon. The sun was almost hiding near the horizon, its orange red streaks bursting through the clouds.

She heaved a sigh as she got off the cab.

“This location is too far for a showroom.” Good thing her friends Cathy and May weren’t there or else they would see her furrowed brow.

The building was not entirely new but it looked pretty decent. The facade was made of vintage bricks and there were exactly three floors in it. “Well at least she knows how to pick the right place that’d go well with her business.”

She went up the staircase to the 3rd floor. Passing through the hallway and empty units, she arrived in a huge room filled with mannequins wearing Cathy’s eco-friendly products, clothing and vintage-designed jewelry pieces.

She opened the glass door and scanned the entire area.

“This place is huge!” She was impressed.

How can she possibly afford this place when she has just started.

She went further up to find a door to another room. There she saw Cathy and May having coffee together.

“Cathy! Congratulations!” She exclaimed. They both turned to her direction and stood up to hug her.

” Jenny! I thought you’d never come. So…what do you think?”

“This place is pretty and huge, isn’t this expensive?” she asked.

May shook her head. “I actually was about to ask her that same question. This place is no joke!”

“Whatever, you guys. It’s not as expensive as you think. I met the owner of the place, we talked for a while, I negotiated the rent, he didn’t require any advance payments, just the monthly lease so after I knew it, I was signing the papers and moving my items.”

May looked happy. Jenny had some knowledge on real estate so she remained unconvinced. When the place is expensive, it must be because the location is good for business. If it’s cheap for its property size…

“I’ll get you your coffee, Jenny.”

That cut her off from what she was thinking. She was about to ask Cathy a question but she was already out of the room before Jenny could even speak.

She turned to her other friend May.

“May, have you seen the entire place? Is there a balcony or something?”

May looked at her curiously. “Yeah. Cathy said there’s a balcony down the hall, we are about to have a look later. Why?”

Jenny hurriedly went out of the showroom with May in tow.

“Hey! What’s wrong?” May sounded worried.

“I..I don’t know…there’s just something off. Something were missing…”

They arrived at the balcony overlooking the view at the back of the building. What they saw completely surprised them. It was a huge barren land and a few meters on the left of the barren land, almost covered by the trees, stood a relic of what used to be a huge school.

The setting sun could not be seen from the back. Light was almost gone. They could hear the leaves rustling in the wind. At this time of the day, this place could get eerily quiet.

“Jenny…look at this,” May gave her phone to her.

Jenny looked at May’s phone. The phone screen displayed a news clipping from 10 years ago.

It read, “Hundreds of kids trapped inside a burning dormitory school in Street 49 of Diamond County.”

Slowly, Jenny and May looked at each other. Fear was apparent on both of their faces. May looked like she was about to cry.

“Let’s get out of this place before it gets dark.”



Aah! I hope the next day challenge is much lighter and happier than this.

This was from a dream and remembering it still creeps me out. Took me a long time to finish. :/

All characters are fictional, so as the names of the places. Any similarity with real people or place is unintentional.


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