Helping Made Easy: Creating 21st Century Good Samaritan

Some people might be a little pessimistic about the goodness of humanity. The expression “faith in humanity restored” has started to surface over the net. This usually comes with a picture or story of surprising compassionate actions from people. It is true that there are a lot of unpleasant things happening in every parts of the world right now that is why it is so easy to lose that faith in humanity.

I,personally, never lost that faith because as much as there are news of inhumane, violent and dreadful things made my human beings, the goodness outweighs the bad.  It always will be. It is just sad that some never believed that the goodness is almost always present.

While I was browsing for some volunteering opportunities, I realized how lucky we are at this century. With the advent of internet, social networking sites, budget airlines and online banking, giving help and getting help have both been very easy. With the ample options you have, it seems that the reason “I-have-no-time” is no longer valid.

Of course, helping others is not something someone will require you to do. For some people, helping others is a social responsibility. For others, it may be because they just feel like it is the right thing to do. It might also be that helping others make you happy.

Money. Time. Distance. These are basically some of the top reasons why we cannot help. But if you look at the options you have, you will realize despite the distance, time and money, we can always give help. It always is POSSIBLE.

There are people who are at this point looking at different volun-tour activities, giving donations online, planning to spend the weekend to help in building communities and organizing events just to pool funds needed to sustain the help given to the underprivileged.

When you are reading this and you feel like you are obliged to help, then take your time. Helping should come from the heart for it to be sincere. I was at the other end of the rope last time and I was close to begging for food (well, I did actually beg for food at some point in the past). At that time, I promised myself that next time when I get to reach the better place (and I don’t mean dying), I would definitely be that person at the other side of the rope pulling someone out from their dark days. Even in my own little way.

It may be for that reason that I am so keen to sharing myself and what I have with others. But mostly, I believe it is because when I help I was being helped, too. Plus, thinking about others make me somehow feel that it draws me closer to Jesus and makes me know God a little more.


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